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Kate Arnold

Based in Hampshire Kate has developed her preference for a scratchy and fluid nature enthused style through 8 years of living and printing locally in Hampshire. 

Trained at the Wimbledon School of Art. Kate's significant experience across textiles, sculpture, fine art, and illustration has led her to work within sectors across commercial film, adverts, and studios. Her international exposure in London, Germany, Zimbabwe Australia and Holland have contributed to the versatility and depth of her style. 

Now focused on drawing, illustration and print, Kate explores the use of line she applies her reputable design experience into the creation of each piece of art work.


Georgina Pearce

Winchester based artist Georgina Pearce works with gold leaf to reflect and encourage light. 

Her work is inspired by the positive effects light can have on us. 

'I love the warm feeling you get from an open fire or the beautiful re-direction of light from a sunset. I wanted to recreate this, something that will draw your attention and make you feel good'

She offers a wide range of colours and canvas sizes with her work.

Her paintings always convey a sense of joy and generosity of spirit.



Sue Tinkler has been working with glass since 2000.

Inspired by natural landscapes, she uses a variety of glass fusing techniques with some pieces being kiln fired up to four times. Each firing takes about 24 hours.

She works with powdered, sheet, granulated and enamel glass to achieve unique results, often on a single piece.

We have a range of her colourful jewellery for sale in our gift shop and some of her larger wall pieces and glass waves are on display at the gallery until the end of August.


Sprig Knitwear 

Antonia is the designer-maker behind Sprig Knitwear.

Sprig knitted accessories are made from 100% pure lambswool, adorned in alluring patterns and connected in compelling colours. 

The concept was born while looking through old family photographs of children growing up during mid-century Britain. These photos were mostly in black and white, yet were filled with delightful patterns and personality. Sprig knitwear brings these qualities to life with vivid colours and playful decorations.


Karen Harding

Karen Harding is a painter, potter and knitter based in Buckfastleigh, Devon. Her beautiful stoneware pottery and knitted toys are available to buy in our gift shop and her paintings, prints and pottery are on display in the gallery until the end of August 2017.

Michelle Buhl-Nielsen

Michelle is an artist and art tutor based in Winchester. She has a BA (Hons) in Visual Art from Winchester School of Art, as well as a degree in teaching BEd.

She made Denmark her home for 17 years, living also in Zimbabwe and South Africa during that time and travelling extensively. Michelle has exhibited in Africa, Denmark and England, and framed prints of her original paintings have been sold throughout the UK, as well as internationally.

 She has extensive experience of teaching art classes, courses and workshops to both adults and children, and those with special needs and has worked on many whole school projects in Hampshire, largely-multi sensory whole school projects for SEN schools, primary, secondary and 6th form. Michelle’s teaching is always enthusiastic, well structured and relaxed, providing lots of support and guidance in a friendly, constructive and sharing environment. She currently runs courses in Life Drawing and Portraiture.


John Pothecary

John is an artist living and working in Winchester.  
He was schooled in art at the Portsmouth college of Art and Design in 1981.
Whilst at college he successfully set up a design company to sell his stationary designs to major retailers such as Rymans, Paperchase, Expressions, and Scribbler in Covent Garden.

In 1983 he won a National Design award for postcard art which was marketed by the National Council For Civil Liberties and exhibited at Brixton. 
John exhibits his work mainly in London galleries including The Brick Lane Gallery and Le Dame Gallery in Regents Park.

Paul Davison

Paul is currently based in Winchester as a freelance photographer.

'I’ve always enjoyed visiting new places, meeting new people and I suffer from an unquenchable desire to escape normality. For as long as I can remember I’ve always had the urge to get out and see the world, experience new cultures and explore wild landscapes, but it wasn’t until I started to travel the world that photography became one of my great passions in life.

Over the past decade I’ve been able to travel extensively and experience many of the amazing gifts the planet has to offer. It’s these experiences that naturally led to me specialising in travel photography. Although it’s often the incredible landscapes that make people want to travel, it’s the culture and interaction with the indigenous people that I find the most rewarding. I love to take candid photos of people going about their everyday life. If you can take an image that captures the essence of a culture and successfully relay that to the viewer then it will have achieved everything a good travel image should.

I was awarded an Associateship with the Royal Photographic Society in 2009 for a set of images taken in India. This kick started my emerging path in life and I now regularly undertake photographic commissions for a variety of clients. This in turn has led to the sale of images to multinational corporations and images being selected for use in global seminars. In 2013 I was awarded a Distinction with the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain for a portfolio of 15 images taken over the last few years.'

Paul's photography will be on display at the gallery and available to order through the gift shop and online from October 27th until Dec 23rd 2016.


Louise Boulter

Louise Boulter is a freelance illustrator based in Frome.

Her illustration career started as a fashion illustrator for T shirt company Brat and Suzie and since then she hasn't looked back.  

Louise is fascinated by people and the comical elements of mundane life. She is constantly experimenting with new styles and techniques ranging from family portraits, giphs to online blog called WHAT I SAW recording daily sightings.  She finds this is a way to remain fluid and keep new interesting opportunities coming her way. 

She has a regular slot for online magazine Standard Issue which has lead her to clients such as  Latitude and Sarah Millican's tour poster and merchandise. 

Recently Louise had the pleasure of illustrating the book cover for King Edward the 1st as part of Penguins Monarch series released in October.

Louise created her first family portrait when she was commissioned by a friend who had a little girl and wanted to record this special time. Since then word has spread and she has created portraits for many families and friends as a way to celebrate the idiosyncrasies of their lives.

Louise's Illustrations and portraits will be on display at the gallery and available to order through the gift shop and online from October 27th until Dec 23rd 2016. 


Ellie Fisher

ELKA is a woven textile studio based in Winchester, where textile designer, Ellie Fisher, produces bespoke hand woven textiles for fashion and furnishing. Whilst she designs and makes wall hangings, soft furnishings, fashion accessories and baby blankets, much work is commission based, requests are welcomed, and all projects are considered.

Her work will be on display at the gallery and available to buy in the gift shop and online between 27th Oct 2016 until December 23rd 2016.